Sparkly, new blog. (LV meets RV).

I figured now is the time, if any, to start a blog.

In two days, I am embarking on a trip of epic proportions- me and my family are hopping into an RV and roadtripping down the East Coast.

Into a hurricane.

When I tell people I’m about to begin a week-long trip, on a house on wheels, with my mother, father, and ten year old brother, they can’t help but laugh.

I certainly don’t come across as an RV type of girl.

One friend asked if I was taking my Louis Vuitton bag along for the ride. The answer is no.

I’m doing this RV thing right.

Despite the obvious concerns, I’m excited for this trip for a chance to explore cities I’ve never been to, hit up new running trails, try new yoga studios, and of course, explore healthy dining and vegetarian food beyond the Big Apple.

Here are the main cities we will be rolling on through, and I hope to blog about each one!

Baltimore, MD

Washington, D.C.

Charlottesville, VA

Asheville, NC

Charleston, SC

Savannah, GA

Atlanta, GA

Any recommendations, must-sees, and vegan bakery suggestions (mmm.) are graciously accepted.


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