Sidelined (and what to do about it)

Unfortunately, this “Irene” business is actually not a joke nor a media stunt.

It’s currently raining cats and dogs out thurrrrrr and our RV trip has been postponed, sidelined, derailed, etc. 😦

With that, I’ve had to come up with a few tactics for entertaining myself.

Before the rain hit, I made my way to the gym for a cardio and leg weights workout. 

5 min run warm-up

25 min Elliptical Intervals (all out during the chorus of the songs!)

3 sets of 12 of Each (Supersets)

Leg Press (90lbs-110lbs-130lbs)

Calf Extension (70lbs-90lbs-110lbs)

Squats  (20 Mountain Climber Cardio Burst in Between Each Set)

Plie Squats (1 min plank between each set)


Great, quick workout! I was in and out in 45 minutes.

I came home and ate a massive falafel-hummus salad thanks to the mass amounts of food my family has purchased to “survive the storm”.

Showered, and am now going to paint my nails this delicious combo:

Essie “Fiji” and O.P.I. “Teenage Dream”- So girly, so trendy, so in love.

…and catch up on my girl’s wedding recap.

Somehow, my invitation got lost in the mail.

Other tentative plans include doing a yoga podcast, watching obscene amounts of E! and Bravo, and eating my way through our Hurricane Irene Survival Kit (someone’s got to).

If you’re on the East Coast, how are you entertaining yourself during the storm? and if you’re not, what fun things are you doing this weekend? 

…Because you know, the rest of us are going to be bored out of our minds. 😉


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