Hello from our east coast road trip (finally!)

The first stop on our RV roadtrip was Charlottesville on Tuesday. Since then, I’ve had zero contact with wi-fi, cell phone service, or basic electricity.

I know, scary.

Tuesday was a great day! After mentioning on Kath’s blog that I was coming into town, she was kind enough to get to the bakery at the same time we were rollin’ on by.

I totally forgot to take a picture with her (starstruck?) but I did take a picture of my delicious Curried Tuna sandwich. The bread, Cville Crunch- ridiculoussssssssss.

Thanks, Kath- this was awesomeeeeee.

We ate waiting for our shuttle to Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s humble abode.


Oh hey, TJ…. nice casa ya got there.

It was a great day that ended with some scenic views from the Blue Ridge Parkway, my mom’s vegetarian chili, and dark chocolate almonds.

Next up, Asheville! 



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