Love Asheville (part 2).

Well, it’s official. I’m moving to Asheville. I’m leaving the big city, and moving to North Carolina and eating my weight  in vegan food and shopping all day in vintage shops. It’s been real, NYC.

Downtown Asheville is for tofu and tie dye lovers- vegans and hippies everywhere. Since I am convinced I’ve been both in my past lives, I absolutely loved walking around the city today.

Everything in Asheville made me smile. 

From the emphasis on buying from local shops and artisans….

to the endless vegetarian dining options,  I was eating it all up.


BBQ Tofu Sloppy Jo’s to-go from Laughing Seed Cafe

and their organic, vegan, gluten-free Chocolate Chip Coconut cookie- and it was unreal.

I loved shopping in all vintage stores, talking to all the friendly people, and just being there.

While I can’t imagine leaving Manhattan now, Asheville screams the my kind of place to, well, be an adult.

And in case there was any doubt, there was a lululemon showroom, so now I know I could live here 🙂

What’s your ideal place to live? City or country livin?

xox, Cass


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