{if I fail out, at least I have cute notebooks.}

Grad school is hard.

My summer classes were kinda a joke, so let’s just say the past week was a bit of a wake up call.

My professors slapped me in the face and said “It’s fall now, bitch” (not really.)

Armed with a grande coffee with steamed soy and 2 pumps of pumpkin spice extra-hot, I have been reading my way through 1200 pages worth of material and 500 pages worth of notes for next week.

I’m gonna need some more Starbucks.

And another job.

With that, it was a much needed break from the madness of grad school this weekend when I joined my fellow NYC yoga lovaassss for Salutation Nation.

What a glorious morning spent in Central Park, practicing and being adjusted by some of the city’s top yoga instructors.

Lululemon, thanks. This was Awesome.


And much needed.

Like my next latte.

xox, Cass


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