Back to the blog.

I am recommitting to blogging today. When I started blogging, I saw it as a great way to recap the great moments, snapshots, little inspirations, and musings that went on in my daily life. I dreamed of a space where I could help girls like me (fond of pink and glitz and glamour and fashion) meet their everyday life with health, fitness, love, and willingness to help others.

Where did that dream go? For starters,  I became intimated by the dream of finding glitter and granola in a world where big-time fashion/beauty/health bloggers became the THE voice. How could I compete?

Looking back, and looking towards my favorite blogs,  I realize that now, more than ever, there exists a need for normalcy. Us girls are being inundated with glittery guide-curated portraits of what our lives should look like.

Guess what, girls? That’s not reality. 

We can be women with educations (like Masters of Social Work from Columbia University, ahem) and careers outside of the blogosphere. We can be women with families and responsibilities that take us far away from our daily face masks and deep conditioning treatments.

We can also be girls with a shoe fetish, and a love for all things vintage Chanel, and a hope that a trip to the Bloomingdale’s beauty department will cure our bad day.

Or at the very least, up to Forty Carrots.

Sure us girls can dream, but I do believe we can have it all. You can be successful and powerful in your field, and love fashion, and love fitness, and get your fix from all of the glamour. While still being good, kind, and altruistic. 

As long as your priorities remain humble, sound, and most of all in the greatest pursuit, of the greatest you.


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