When the Season Shifts


So now that I’m back to blogging, it frightens me that the last time I posted was December, 2011. Oh ok, Cassandra. Pretty much a completely different person now. In December 2011, I was only halfway through grad school and I had absolutely no clue what I was going to do as a career. Fast forward to September, 2013.  I’m a Director of a health-education non-profit and doing something I love, but didn’t really go to school for. In 2011, my boyfriend and I were battling a long distance relationship. In 2013 (we can skip right over 2012), we are happily back together in New York State.

So while plenty has occurred over the past two-ish years, I will say that I have learned A LOT and grown to be quite the little lady. I figured I’d start regular scheduled posting with some things I like to invest in when the seasons shift. Fall to me just screams “a fresh start.” Apparently the Great Gatsby thinks so as well.


1. Switch udecor. OK, so I’m not talking wreaths and pumpkins. I’m just saying give your space a bit of a makeover. I crave neutrals as the weather gets colder, so my mom and I took to my local Bed Bath and Beyond and picked up a $50 dollar duvet and some discounted throw pillows. This was a big change from my pink/gray color scheme, but is so serene. I love crawling into bed at night.

2. Vamp up your skin care routine. Is it just me or does everyone throw all caution to the wind in the summer when it comes to your skin? Being Italian has its perks – tanning comes pretty easy to me – but is also a curse. I find myself slapping on some  moisturizer and yay! I’m totally taking care of my skin. No. My skin is feeeellling it. So I bought some new products and I am committed to using my Clarisonic every night and a mask weekly. Also – eye cream. I’m 24 now.

3. No more lazy days so plan your life. OK, I’ve expressed my love for a good planner before. But this September, I took the plunge into the debit card and purchased an Erin Condren planner. AMAZING. This planner is everything. I could go on and on and on but just buy one. And then buy me some more notepads because I’m already running out.

4. Organize, organize, organize. I’ve been on an organizing spree. One of my main tasks was to tackle my makeup. I was looking online for an acrylic make-up organizer and was legit frightened by how much some of them cost. $300 dollars…for a plastic box? I already spend comparable amounts on groceries in NYC, thanks. Then, l I found Muji. Enter my $50 dollar imposter make-up organizer. I sat and looked at this for 20 minutes after completing this activity and every time I walk into my bathroom it gives me great joy

5. Save and splurge for something big! No elaboration needed. I’ve been saving for her all summer, and she’s mine once she comes in at Bergdorf’s. Happy fall, indeed.

So up until number 5, I had only spent approximately 200 dollars revamping my life for Fall… we won’t even go into the debt I’ve accrued with the Celine purchase… but it doesn’t cost much to give your life a little makeover when the weather starts changing. What are some ways you like to spruce things up the new season?


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