Organizing Makeup 101


I don’t necessarily consider myself an “organized” person. I don’t like clutter but I have a lot of stuff. My closet? Organized chaos… However, thanks to instagram, I became obsessed with makeup organization. Something about clear acrylic cubes displaying pretty things (that make you pretty) just attracted me. Once I got that in my head, my make-up bag…well it just didn’t suffice.

After careful consideration, I decided spending 200-500 dollars on a plastic box was INSANE, but then found these acrylic drawers at MUJI in Times Square and got the look for under 50 bucks! I picked up one two-drawer acrylic tray and one two-drawer with a lid. I also grabbed a brush holder (that holds my Clarisonic upright).  From the Container store, I have an acrylic toothbrush holder, 2-type acrylic circular container and 2 nail polish holders (Essie only, of course). 

In my MUJI drawers I hold:

Drawer 1: Palettes and big compacts i.e. Naked Palettes, Nars laguna bronzer, albatross luminating powder etc. 

Drawer 2: Foundations, blushes and highlighters (all my Bare Minerals and MAC Powders go in here). 

Drawer 3: Lipsticks in the front (mostly all Mac) and eye shadows in the back (two MAC compacts and 4 NARS duos fit here) 

Drawer 4 (left open): everyday facial cleanser, lotion and eye cream, brushes/liners in the toothbrush holder separated by type, Q-tips and facial pads in a Container store jar, and my Laura Mercier Foundation (that I use everyday!) Also on here is a MAC shimmer powder and a candle I like to light when I’m knee-deep in make-up application. 

In the glass jar, I hold my MAC lipglasses and everyday glosses. I did this because #1 it seemed like a waste of the organizer to use a whole shelf for lip gloss and #2 they’re the most recognizable. I love being able to just grab and go without disrupting my organized make-up drawers. Plus, it’s pretty!

I should also mention that things like mascara, liquid eyeliner, bronzer, BB cream, concealer etc. are not in my make-up organizer. I keep those in a small make-up case in my bag for touch ups. 

Nothing gives me greater joy than walking into my bathroom and seeing how organized this very small section of my life is! Now if only I can get this organized in my closet…kitchen drawers…pots and pans….. 


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