Have you tried tobi.com?

Have you heard of Tobi? 

Tobi vegan leather skirt and wide-trimmed top - perfect for a girls night!

Tobi vegan leather skirt and wide-trimmed top – perfect for a girls night out!

It’s a member-only online boutique that rewards you for getting friends hooked on their cute, edgy, pieces. Five friends = 50% off your order. On top of that, all new arrivals are always discounted too. And free shipping.

They’re practically giving away clothes at this point.

Tobi’s clothes are always flirty and fun. If I’m out, I’m usually wearing a Tobi piece somewhere on my body.  I would liken the quality of the clothes to an H&M, but the prices are even better. In my nights out in NYC, I trust that my Tobi clothes will keep me on-trend. I can have fun without worrying that my $150 Joie top gets ruined by someone’s 3 AM late night slice.

That’s actually happened.

If you haven’t gotten on the Tobi train, (and I advise you to do so), here is my personal invite link. 

Get connected and start enjoying all the fun! I’ve currently got my eye on this for an upcoming trip.

I was not compensated by tobi.com in any way for this post. I am just obsessed with their affordable fashion and want to spread the news to all who can hear. All opinions are my own, xx. 


What I Wore: Autism Charity Benefit 2013

Hi all, hope you had a great weekend! I definitely did 🙂 On Saturday, me and a few friends hosted a charity event for Autism. It went incredibly well! Everyone had a blast (I mean it was an open bar) and we raised over 2000 dollars for an autism non-profit near and dear to my heart. Here are some pics and what I wore.

This raffle table was insane! We raised over $1000 from our raffles alone.

This raffle table was insane! We raised over $1000 from our raffles alone.

Me and my best friends!

Me and my best friends!

dress: alice and olivia bag: chanel medium flap in caviar shoes: christian louboutin biancas jacket: jealous tomatos from pop!

dress: alice and olivia | bag: chanel medium flap in caviar| shoes: christian louboutin biancas | jacket: jealous tomatoes from pop! a great store in williamsburg, brooklyn

New Zara Haul

Hi guys! Hope your week is moving along nicely. It’s Friday!! I am deep in event planning for tomorrow’s Charity Open Bar. For now, here was one of my coping mechanisms from this week: a quick trip to Zara. Can’t really call it a “trip” since it’s across the street from my office.  Let’s call it a lunch break.


1. Spotted these leggings the minute I walked in. I just love mixed media right now – and these are not going to disappoint. Leather and suede with a mix of black and black gray?… I die.


2. Oh shocking, more mixed media. Khaki and leather combine for this perfect October bomber. This will be #3 of the mixed media bomber jackets in my closet. I have another black on black, and just picked up a tweed/leather one I’ll be showing you next week after event!


3. Love this embellished top inthis pretty jeweled tone. Mine is an emerald green with more of a cap sleeve, but you’ll get the look with some black skinny trousers and some embellished heels. I know exactly when I will be wearing this next week! Stay tuned.


4. Craving chunky sweaters but with today climbing into the 80’s, I knew I needed to satisfy with a cute crew neck sweater. Mine is a bit different (more t-shirt-like but I can’t find it online!) but this is a great staple as well. Couldn’t wait to wear this with a statement necklace and jeans for a casual Friday or Saturday look. In fact, that’s what I’m doing right now.

Happy weekend! Any exciting plans? Remember, if you’re in the NYC area, check our my charity event here. 

The Weekender 9.30.13

OMG, It’s almost October. When did that happen? Well, I am still clearly in summer mode…because this weekend including drinking, dancing, drunching, and then, even more dancing. No responsibilities here! Here are some snapshots.

Top: Necessary Clothing (love the bow back!) Vegan Leather Skirt: Tobi.com

Top: Necessary Clothing (love the bow back!) Vegan Leather Skirt: Tobi.com

Open bar with my friends on Friday. Apparently I have a mint green obsession. Let’s call it “wintermint” because this is clearly not going anywhere for me any time soon. Not to be confused with just “mint” which was obviously a Summer trend… 😉
Ring: David Yurman Clutch: Rebecca Minkoff Nails: Essie "Fiji" Lip: MAC "Pink Nouveau"

Ring: David Yurman Clutch: Rebecca Minkoff Nails: Essie “Fiji” Lip: MAC “Pink Nouveau”

On Saturday, I went to brunch (turned drunch with unlimited mimosas) with friends and then to an all-night hip hop dance party in Brooklyn, called “The Rub.” I am not even joking about that name but seriously, it was so. much. fun. Like a high school dance with adult beverages. Cardio, check!


Sunday – oh, Sunday. I was so exhausted from the two days of debauchery. So I hung around, did some meal prep, and cleaned. A lot. My apartment looks muchhh better. Happy wife, happy life. Except I’m not even engaged.

Speaking of, I then sat on my couch to watch the RHOJ Finale and also watched Teresa Guidice remain in complete denial over her potential 50 YEARS IN PRISON…seriously did anyone watch this? She literally said she “didn’t understand the charges” eight times to Andy Cohen… I am just hoping she’s playing that clueless for her case.

And now it’s Monday. Busy week ahead! Work, workouts, and prepping for my fundraiser Saturday night. If anyone is in the NYC area and would like to drink for an amazing cause, see below! Would love to see you there.

$60 Open Bar + your donation - ourspecialplace.eventbrite.com

$60 Open Bar + your donation – ourspecialplace.eventbrite.com

When the Season Shifts


So now that I’m back to blogging, it frightens me that the last time I posted was December, 2011. Oh ok, Cassandra. Pretty much a completely different person now. In December 2011, I was only halfway through grad school and I had absolutely no clue what I was going to do as a career. Fast forward to September, 2013.  I’m a Director of a health-education non-profit and doing something I love, but didn’t really go to school for. In 2011, my boyfriend and I were battling a long distance relationship. In 2013 (we can skip right over 2012), we are happily back together in New York State.

So while plenty has occurred over the past two-ish years, I will say that I have learned A LOT and grown to be quite the little lady. I figured I’d start regular scheduled posting with some things I like to invest in when the seasons shift. Fall to me just screams “a fresh start.” Apparently the Great Gatsby thinks so as well.


1. Switch udecor. OK, so I’m not talking wreaths and pumpkins. I’m just saying give your space a bit of a makeover. I crave neutrals as the weather gets colder, so my mom and I took to my local Bed Bath and Beyond and picked up a $50 dollar duvet and some discounted throw pillows. This was a big change from my pink/gray color scheme, but is so serene. I love crawling into bed at night.

2. Vamp up your skin care routine. Is it just me or does everyone throw all caution to the wind in the summer when it comes to your skin? Being Italian has its perks – tanning comes pretty easy to me – but is also a curse. I find myself slapping on some  moisturizer and yay! I’m totally taking care of my skin. No. My skin is feeeellling it. So I bought some new products and I am committed to using my Clarisonic every night and a mask weekly. Also – eye cream. I’m 24 now.

3. No more lazy days so plan your life. OK, I’ve expressed my love for a good planner before. But this September, I took the plunge into the debit card and purchased an Erin Condren planner. AMAZING. This planner is everything. I could go on and on and on but just buy one. And then buy me some more notepads because I’m already running out.

4. Organize, organize, organize. I’ve been on an organizing spree. One of my main tasks was to tackle my makeup. I was looking online for an acrylic make-up organizer and was legit frightened by how much some of them cost. $300 dollars…for a plastic box? I already spend comparable amounts on groceries in NYC, thanks. Then, l I found Muji. Enter my $50 dollar imposter make-up organizer. I sat and looked at this for 20 minutes after completing this activity and every time I walk into my bathroom it gives me great joy

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