Obsessed with Christmastime


It really is the most wonderful time of the year, especially in New York City. Everything seems to glow a bit brighter, even the big city lights. 

Here are some things I’m just loving this holiday season.

A dark red lip –  MAC Lipliner in Vino with MAC Rebel lipstick….Perfff.

Christmas Decor…well when am I not? Keeping with my gold, silver, white, and blush pink motif…always. Especially loving my cupcake-adorned tree and this guy helping me make it all happen.

Adding some festivity to every outfit. Sequins, sparkles, fur, glitter, and embellishments. I’m working some Christmastime into each and every outfit…and it’s so fun.

The holiday spirit. Just makes you feel…OK, doesn’t it? Christmastime just reminds me that I am so blessed. Sure things aren’t perfect (when will they ever be?) and there’s a lot of things I’d like/need to do in 2014…but for right now, I’m loved and happy. And Christmas always reminds me that… that’s most certainly enough.